Body Ready

Birth Workshop

A comprehensive 2-part course

for all stages of labor plus a

1:1 coaching opportunity!

Designed to empower and support both nervous first-time moms and experienced moms alike, no matter where you plan to give birth.

This 2-part LIVE workshop is geared to inform YOU AND your BIRTH PARTNER how to best support you, with lots of cutting-edge hands-on techniques.

  • Module 1: Foundations of birth

  • Module 2: Your Dynamic Pelvis

  • Module 3: Inlet Preparation & Key Movements

  • Module 4: Midpelvis Preparation & Movements

  • Module 5: Outlet Preparation & Key Movements

  • Module 6: Visualizing Your Birth

Workshop Handout, PDFs for quick reference &

video exercise flows to follow along for each level of the pelvis!

  • Know with absolute clarity what to do when (and why) in each stage of labor to progress smoothly.

  • Cut through the endless 'tips and tricks' and learn ONLY what really work.

  • Avoid trial and error during labor.

  • Have complete confidence that you know what works in your body.

  • PLUS you'll learn specific, hands-on techniques for your partner to use to help with progress and comfort too!!


From Rachael:

"Doing the exercises Betsy gave me helped my hip pain and helped me feel good about preparing my body for birth. I learned so much about alignment and being mindful with how I move throughout the day."

From Colleen:

"I was so glad to have Betsy's support, not only in preparing my body for birth (like with stretches and positions for positioning the baby and for pain relief) but in being there for me during my birth."

How does this break down?

1) Sign up by following the checkout below. Once your course is purchased,

2) Come back to this page and select the TWO dates on the calendar for each part of the workshop so you will be reminded when I go LIVE.

**What's amazing is that you have a years' access to come to any of my live workshops!

3) You will receive an email with your:

  • - student handbook,

  • - quick reference PDFs,

  • - videos of movement flows for each level of the pelvis

  • - links to resources you can download

  • - Google Meet link for the workshops

4) PLUS I'm throwing in a BONUS of being a part of my private Slack Community and receiving weekly check-ins & personalized guidance for the rest of your pregnancy!

Body Ready Birth Workshop + Coaching

  • Body Ready Birth Workshop + Handbook

  • Movement videos to prepare each level of the pelvis

  • Printable Handouts for quick reference

  • Weekly check-ins & personalized guidance for the rest of your pregnancy

    (valued at $257)

  • A years' access to come to any of my live workshops (including my Breastfeeding Prep Class)

  • PLUS you get for FREE - access to ME, other Perinatal professionals, and a community of moms inside my Slack Community (valued at $197)

Available at just $257 for a limited time

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I've been a Birth Doula since 2016

My passion as a professional birth coach is to empower pregnant women to take control of their prenatal preparation.

I learned with my first pregnancy that birth is a huge physical feat, so I give you tools and simple movement exercises (that I wish I had back then!) that will train and balance your body specifically for the task at hand: pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

This means when you add me to your support team, not only do you have the unlimited support of someone who has seen a LOT of variations of normal, but someone who has been through birth 4 times!

Betsy Pool