Get Access to Support and Education so you are EMPOWERED to make the right choices for YOU.

If only parenthood came with a manual...

From choosing the right provider to prepping for postpartum, giving birth is NO JOKE.

If you're at a loss and looking for expert guidance through every phase of new motherhood, look no further.

I'm Betsy, a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, and postpartum care provider who would love to walk you through an educated, empowered experience.

Body Ready Birth Prep

The Body Ready Birth Workshop

ONLY $257

per couple

Movement Videos to Prep each level of the pelvis

Printable Handouts

1 year's access to ME via my private Slack Community of moms

Designed to empower and support both nervous first-time moms and experienced moms alike, no matter where you plan to give birth.

This 2-part ONLINE workshop is geared to inform YOU AND your BIRTH PARTNER how to best support you, with lots of cutting-edge hands-on techniques.

  • Module 1: Primer / Foundations of birth

  • Module 2: Your Dynamic Pelvis

  • Module 3: Inlet Preparation & Key Movements

  • Module 4: Midpelvis Preparation & Movements

  • Module 5: Outlet Preparation & Key Movements

  • Module 6: Visualizing Your Birth

LIFETIME access to Workshop Handout, PDFs for quick reference & video exercise flows to follow along for each level of the pelvis!

Body Ready Birth Workshop PART 1

90 Mins

Body Ready Birth Workshop PART 2

90 Mins

From Christa:

"While in labor Betsy provided my husband and I numerous suggestions on different labor positions and genuinely encouraged us throughout the entire process. During those intimate moments she stepped back and allows my husband and I to be joyful together and she simply was just there for us if we needed her."

I've been a Certified birth doula since 2016

My passion as a professional birth coach is to empower pregnant women to take control of their prenatal preparation.

I learned with my first pregnancy that birth is a huge physical feat, so I give you tools and simple movement exercises (that I wish I had back then!) that will train and balance your body specifically for the task at hand: pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

This means when you add me to your support team, not only do you have the unlimited support of someone who has seen a LOT of variations of normal, but someone who has been through birth 4 times!

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