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Did you know that having a doula present at your birth has been proven to:

  • Lessen your need for pain medications

  • Lower the chance of an unplanned c-section

  • Improve overall outcomes

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This ultimate checklist has questions to help you consider:

  • how to keep Oxytocin flowing in labor

  • your general options for creating the best birth environment (what to wear, listen to, bring to eat, etc.)

  • intermittent monitoring vs continuous monitoring

  • how often to have cervical checks

  • do you even want to know how far dilated you are in early labor?

  • what questions to ask when you are presented with an intervention

  • your thoughts on induction

  • how are getting prepared for breastfeeding?

  • and so much more!

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I've been a Certified Birth Doula since 2016

My passion as a professional birth coach is to empower pregnant women to take control of their prenatal preparation.

I learned with my first pregnancy that birth is a huge physical feat, so I give you tools and simple movement exercises (that I wish I had back then!) that will train and balance your body specifically for the task at hand: pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

This means when you add me to your support team, not only do you have the unlimited support of someone who has seen a LOT of variations of normal, but someone who has been through birth 4 times!